Finding myself in this darkness…

Well I found out today that my liver is not letting handle sugar in my body for some strange reason. I don’t know what this means but it isn’t good. You need sugar to live and for some reason the liver is saying the sugar that is coming into the body isn’t good, so it sends a message to my brain telling it not to process it. So, we as in the doctors and I are wonder what is doing what here. Is the brain sending the messages about the sugar or is the liver sending it to the brain that it can’t handle it. So very confusing as I sit here and tell myself this.

I am not going to give up the fight, it just a new liver might not be the answer at this time either because if it is a brain process a new liver will act like it’s the old one anyways. There is nothing easy about this battle at all here. I will continue to keep having hope in what they want to do for me at this time. It’s hard at times to put your faith into doctors and the system for that matter. But it is the only choice I have left to be honest with you.

So, that is my update for today. I know that the answers are not clear at times, but then again when are they ever clear? I mean going into the darkness is sometimes a good thing, it teaches you to fight and look for a exit back into the light. Without being in the dark sometimes I think we don’t realize how good things really are until your faced with something that can change your life. So, with this said be thankful for what’s ahead of you and know that you have to continue to love yourself before you can go out and love others.


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