As the sun tries to peak out…

Well we have been under cloud cover for like over two weeks and had no sun shinning until today. It is trying to peak through the clouds as the winds are coming out of the west. It’s hard to believe how you can miss the simple things like the sun shinning. I mean it’s the small things that get us through the rough times in our life. I mean I went in today for more blood testing, praying for something good to happen here so that I can get on the road to recovery here.

But until I get them results I will keep moving forward the best way I can here. I am going to make the best out of this some how today. I realize that the days are moving ahead, and I need to pay attention to what is in front of me, even the simple things. So with this said I will keep this post simple today for the matter of that I want to get outside and do something different for myself. What that is, time will tell me. But I hope to write more later in the evening and to keep my feelings real here with the people that are listening to me…

21 thoughts on “As the sun tries to peak out…

      1. As bad as it is and as sorry as I am for this news, in a way I’m also grateful you know what you are dealing with as it eliminates additional confusion, pain and hassle in diagnosing the problem.


      2. Well that’s what we are here to do is to check on each other, that is a spiritual connection that we all should have for each other. And your posts have been so magical I enjoy everything about them and I continue to learn a lot. And to me if I’m not growing by learning then there is something wrong with me.


      3. I know we have something special and I know you care spiritually here, and if for some reason I can’t check back it’s because I’m in the hospital, and if things are getting really bad my sister will be in touch through my posts okay?


      4. I believe no worries there I promise you on that, but if you could of seen my results today you would of been very sad indeed that it’s not looking really good but I like that my odds are against me it makes me want to prove more that I can overcome this hurdle.


      5. I’m an empath and its just in my nature to care for others. Its not really anything personal as we dont even know each other, but I truly want the best for everybody. I feel the pain and suffering of others somehow and hope to make their days just a little brighter.


      6. Well that was well put, and I feel the same way as you do actually in the part of what I do spiritual in my life. And even though we don’t know each other personally it sometimes feels like I have known you for a lifetime already in the sense of our connection through the spiritual side of things. That’s what makes this great, like I said you were the first blog I came too and there is reason why it happened that way and I’m not going to question that purpose. I will continue to enjoy the mystery of what God’s plans are…


      7. I know you hold on to this as a means of staying connected to people and you know I care and want to help. It is a challenge for me as I don’t like to use this like a chat room and it is meant to be related to the writing material. But i will stay in touch when I can. Now get rest so you can get better.


      8. Well I am sorry that you don’t like this as a chat room, and I can’t agree more with your feelings on for it’s for writing material. And I will get rest soon and thanks for going outside the boundaries with me on this journey!


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