Getting through the darkness…

Well, I wanted to come on here this evening and there was a lot of me that didn’t want to come on for the reasons of me not feeling good today. It’s hard to keep your spirits high when your not feeling well lately. I just really did nothing other than sleep and lay around today, and to tell you the truth that is not me for just laying around and doing nothing here. But, I thought that I would come on here tonight to check in and see what was going on in the world through people’s eyes here. At least it takes my mind off the things that I needed to not think about. I don’t know if that last sentence makes any sense, but the point is that I am here looking around and getting ideas that take my mind of my own pains at least for the moment.

But anyways, I will keep this post really short, sometimes I find it better having shorter messages or posts for the reasons that it just makes you know that I am alive yet. There will be days soon when I will write more. I am just keeping afloat here for the mean time and if anything I wanted to share to the world tonight is that I am scared, and I know it’s okay to feel scared. I just hope to see another sunrise like I have been saying before, there are no guarantees that we have another day. So, with this said, thank you all that have been there for me in this struggle.

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