Snowshoeing this afternoon….

Well off to this mid day again here, as I sit by my computer I see that we really got a lot of snow last night. I think a total of over 7 inches is what we got. My daughter is outside with her grandmother snowshoeing today. Since I can’t due to my levels being to high in my body. As I watch my daughter grow up it makes me proud to see her living the life the way she is living it. I know that things have been rough for my daughter in the last few years, and then my major health issues here. I just feel bad at this time because of my skills that I am lacking as a father due to again my health.

I am so glad that my parents her grandparents are there for her. That really helps her a lot. My daughter is on them snowshoes looking for coyotes prints in the fresh snow with her grandmother. I think that my daughter feels the spirit of the coyotes a lot in her blood. My daughter growing up with me being in the martial arts has always learned that there is spirit in every animal we look at. I know that I study the tiger, and the crane and the snake and the panther and last the dragon in my style, but I know that the other animals are just as important to our existence on this Earth.

So with this said the spirit of the coyote is really strong with my daughter. The coyote to me is an animal that really studies it pray, it only comes out mostly at night to hunt. But the coyotes have a way of communicating at night, and my daughter goes out there and howls when they are howling. I wonder what my daughter is trying to say to them? And I wonder what the coyotes are trying to say to her as well. But then again that is the mystery of what is between the coyotes and my daughter.

So, being out looking at my daughter walking around just makes me proud. I hope to keep teaching her about the spirits of nature like my old master used to teach me when I was studying the art. I still study the art, but it so different now that master has passed on, and to me I think that he communicates to my daughter as them coyotes out in the wild. With this said I hope that you have a great afternoon and make sure that you listen to nature when you get the chance too. You never know what the message you might hear if you keep you open to it. Be good to yourself and one another…