Waking up once again…

Well, I’m awake and I’m still in the hospital yet waiting what they are still going to do with me at this point. I’m very weak and have so much nausea I can’t believe that I’m still nauseated yet to be honest with you. But one can hope that I’m on the right road here at least with my health. It’s been a long road indeed but sitting here typing this on my phone is better than being dead.

But one second at a time my master would tell me if he was alive. But my panther and tiger spirits are still with me at this time I see. And I’m thankful for having them in my life. My wings are still crippled yet but one day soon I hope to be flying down that path with these closest friends that mean the world to me. Tiger if your out there thank you from the bottom of this heart of mine for not giving up, and panther I love you with all my heart because you been a sister like no other to me in my life.

In closing I will try to give better updates and things come to light here. Tiger I stretch my wing out to you and feel my love for you as well. Off to some more sleep I go now. Until next time love one another….

7 thoughts on “Waking up once again…

  1. Welcome back my friend and you are very welcome. Thank you for fighting and for being strong and for hearing my words that giving up was not optional. I’m at work but had to check on you a d seeing your words and you actually typing is message is the best news ever. You had us worried even though I never felt that you would leave us and I knew you would walk with us again. Panther was very worried, so enough of your shenanigans šŸ˜‰ and get healthy. We both need you around. Say hi to panther and give her a big hug from me. And of course one for you too. Rest up my friend “Wild white crane”, that’s your new name now. Hugs


    1. He just slipped back into the darkness tiger. For some strange reason his body is fighting everything at this time. I will keep you posted my tiger this is panther and hear my roar when I say he going to win this fight…


  2. Hi panther, you are absolutely right and I say that his body just needs rest, to keep him still so he can heal properly. Yes please keep me posted and know that I’m right besides you. Hugs


      1. Prayers and strengths my beautiful panther sister.
        He is lucky to have you in his life and people like you are rare. You sound so much like him, that it feels sometimes as if I’m talking to him.


      2. Well we have the same thoughts on life, and we care so much about the people around us. We both wear our hearts on our sleeves as well. And I’m glad your with us tiger. I really am, your a sister that I need as well in my life. I will adopt you I don’t care what my brother thinks. Your family now tiger.

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