Bringing out the spirit of who you are…

Well, I am off to sitting here at my desk again and I am thinking about things when I look out my window today, and I was thinking about how fast the time is moving lately. I mean we are almost a quarter of the year done already. I mean hard to believe tomorrow will be the last full week of March. I mean April is knocking on the door and I am praying for many miracles for everyone out there that is looking for them miracles, even if they are big or even small for that matter. We have to hold on to something, that is what keeps us alive. I mean there has to be purpose in your life, and sometimes I know that people question that purpose, but is it for us to be questioning at this time?

My daughter was asking me about coyotes again the other day, and she asked me why isn’t the coyote one of the five animals daddy? And you know that is a really good question I thought to myself, because I remember asking Master many years ago why isn’t the lion in the group at a younger age as well. And Master with his very few smiles looked at me and said the lion is part of the circle, and just because we don’t focus on the lion doesn’t mean the lion isn’t focusing on us. Now that’s a lot to take in when you think about it. I mean I never understood three quarters of his stories and then it always hits you many years later. And the answer, came to me when my daughter asked me about coyotes and why they aren’t part of this group either.

See, lions or coyotes or any outside animal you choose is part of the circle. For the five animals always look to the outside of the circle they have to. I mean just like us, we have family and we have friends. But there is more than family and friends, there are powers in the world that are needed to be addressed as to when it comes to living in this world. The world is a great big place, and we have to learn to all co-exist with each other. But the coyote comes into the group I believe and throws his experiences of his life into the circle with the other five animals. For the coyotes watches these five animals and realizes that there is much more in this life that is at stake here if I can’t take something from one of the five here.

If the coyote comes and asks the crane where is the food sources today, the crane just could fly off, or the crane could communicate with the coyote and tell him that the food your looking for is at the pond, but remember coyote this isn’t all about you getting food either, you take care of the animals around you as well. I mean sure a coyote could kill the crane, but there are reasons why even the animal kingdom does what it wants to do. I would like to think that we all can learn from each other even in the worse times. Master was always good that way. He was always about giving people a chance in this life, but then again after you would hurt Master like three times or more, he became that tiger or dragon and he would force you to do something out of your normal life. Master was always good about bringing the right spirit out at the right times in my life for sure, and others that came before me as well.

So, just remember that there is so much more in this world that we really know, and always let others into your circle. Yes, that seems crazy since a lot of people are not like this, but then again there are people like myself that can be like my Master and give those people chances to show there compassion not to just me but others. That is the most important thing, is there a lion or coyote in these people that I come across, I believe that there is, and I am sure that there is dolphins and spider people out there too for that matter. There is a reason why the animal kingdom is set up the way it truly is, I will let you ponder that thought to why that is that way. We have to learn to stay focused with the great people around us, and yet at the same time there are people that are wanting to get to your circle so that they can find comfort as well.

I will end this by saying I found out that Master was right again, it just took me 22 years to figuring out this story. But my daughter was that puzzle piece that completed it for me. And even if my daughter has the coyote spirit in her, she can teach this crane how maybe to be a better hunter for food, and yet at the same time she can show me what love and compassion is from her circle of life as well…

8 thoughts on “Bringing out the spirit of who you are…

  1. That is awesome and I think we learn the lessons and figure them out when we ourselves are ready. I heard the coyotes hauling outside my window the other night 😉
    Great post, thanks for brightening my day here at work. Somebody provoked that tiger spirit today in the meanest of ways and I could use a little ray of light. Hugs crane


      1. Rough day I’m sorry to hear that I do have a great set of ears for listening if you need them ever. I never like to pry for it’s not in my nature to do such a thing. But you know I’m always on that path with you…

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      2. Thank you just got home. Just don’t get rude people that talk down to others because of title and rank. Can’t relate to treating people like dirt, it’s just getting very old that’s all and I’m tired for people to let out their own baggage on innocent bystanders.


      3. Rude people are sometimes the loneliest people in this world, they are like an wounded animal waiting to die at times like Master would tell me from time to time. And they might have a partner in life, but that isn’t what I mean by lonely. They are lonely because they won’t let the good come into there heart.

        And when you have a spirit like mine, all they see is how they want to wound your heart because they aren’t happy like you normally are. Master said the best medicine to these rude people as you call them is your kindness, finish these people off with kindness. And I know that makes no sense, but in the end it’s again not taking on that wounded spirit, it’s about your spirit shinning in the end for being just you no matter what the outcome would ever be.

        I know that this is easier said then done when you work with people higher in rank or that they have something to prove for that matter. But in the end there is nothing to prove if your heart is in tack yet.

        I know this might not of helped you, but I do believe that your better than they are, and I know that we are humans here in the end, but it’s not about how many times you get hit, it’s about how many times you can get up after getting beat down and keep moving forward, that is how winning is done. And that is how you remain happy in the end as well…

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  2. It makes perfect sense and that has been my motto for the past few years. It got really bad in 2014 and it hasn’t changed. I’m always the bigger person, I try to help these people as I know it can’t be personal. First I have not done anything that would call for such treatment and second I know they have their own issues to deal with and that is what makes them like that. I’m just tired of it.
    You see, I stay true to myself and don’t join the gossip. I don’t cut others down the way they do and I see the good in all people. I am not jealous or envious of the success of others and in fact I will be happy and celebrate with them the achievements they have reached.
    Because of this, most don’t relate to me and since I won’t bash, I don’t fit in. I’m the outsider, fighting the good fight, standing up for innocent people and in the end it makes me the enemy. I can’t sell out and I will not share in the satisfaction of seeing others suffer. I don’t get a kick out of it and I preach compassion. Therefore I don’t belong in their circle, I’m foreign and I am punished continuously because of it.
    It’s ok my friend, I made that choice, but today I’m just tired and it hurts. It makes me sad and I just need to be, alone for awhile and recollect to fight another day.


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