New beginnings….

The rain is finally past the badger state after two long days of showers and thunderstorms. I can say there was no damage here at this farm at all. There were reports of tornadoes on the western side of the state and all I hear was reports of minor damage. So at least we survive that round of many more to go this spring and summer. I am here to today to talk about today is about new beginnings. I am not going to break the Easter meaning down completely, but if something would stick out to me about Easter it’s about new beginnings in your life.

I know people say that’s what New Years Day is about. And I would have to say yes that what New Years is about. But Easter is really about new beginnings in the sense of its meaning. In the spiritual side of what I believe in even the animals have new beginnings as well.

But the point of my short message today is to take a goal or dream and go make it happen. My goal is to get better by the doctors and the help of my spirit animals. I look forward to my new beginnings because I see an ending for this health issues I’m going through. And that gives me hope. 

So with this all said and this is a short post, I wanted to wish everybody a happy Easter. And like I said before it’s about beginnings, and more importantly it’s looking for that hope in these new beginnings. Take care of yourself, and take care of others around you today. And realize the simple miracles that are all around you.

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