Wisdom was the word of the day…

Well off to another day, and since the sun is shinning for a few more hours, and guess what is coming back to our area? Yes, the rain and storms for the next 4 days straight actually. It’s going to be raining like cats and dogs for sure. But that is okay, that means that I will slow myself down and get some stuff done on the inside of the buildings instead of being outside. I mean I don’t mind the rain and working in it, but when the temps are only in the middle 50’s it gets really damp and cold. But when that times comes I will figure that all out later. But I am writing today because something was brought to my attention last night really late, like after 2AM. And that something that was brought to my attention was the word wisdom. And I was told that I had wisdom and how did I get so much of it? Well, that is a good question, and first thing is that I am not to take any credit saying that I am the wisest of people. But if I had to break that word down a bit, I would say I got my wisdom from a few people in my life.

And the people that have taught me the most of what I learned from that word is my father and my master of my style of the art that I still study after almost 30 years. But, I also learned a lot of wisdom by just watching others in this life and taking a lot of notes. I just am a person that studies a lot about what people do and say. And I have seen the bad and good in everyone. I am not here to judge anyones characters in there life for that isn’t for me to do, and I won’t. But it’s amazing what you can learn about that word in a short time if you let yourself to come into it being open. Like I said I am so far from knowing everything and I really mean it. I just learn from everyone that has been in my life and I have taken the good and bad from everyone around me. And the best part is that I take a piece of everyone that I learn from, and I find that important because it shapes me to be what I want to be, I will say this again it shapes me and no one else.

Master had so many stories about wisdom in his life, and I look back at them stories and realized that how powerful that they were, and the best part is that I thought my master knew everything about being a wise old man that he was. And one day a few months before his passing I did ask him that question that was asked to me, how did you get so wise? And master looked at me and smiled which was rare for him and said that I learned all my wisdom by watching grow up to be one of my better students I ever had. When I was watching you my young crane he would say, I was watching you so that I didn’t end up making the same mistakes as you did. And that is all that master needed. And it’s true like I said before I watch the people I am around. And I make sure that I don’t make them mistakes like master was doing with me all them years.

Does being wise mean your a peace? I think that being wise can mean a few things to me it means not using it as a pawn or something that is wasn’t attended to be. Being wise is helping your fellow man or woman with the issues at hand that they are facing. It’s picking what battles you want to fight in your day as well. I know that I had so many experiences with this, and I know that whoever is reading this post has had there fair shares with wisdom as well. But the point I am going to make here, is that I use it to better people’s lives, and then there is a time that I put it away, and I listen to others and use it to better myself in the end. How could I ever get mad about someone that is willing to take the time out of there life to help me see things in a different light. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

I learned to just let go of the things I have no control over at this time. And that is what I have to do,  and that is the best piece of wisdom that was taught to me. And if tiger your listening to me through spirit then I want to tell you that I learned this part from you, and many others before you. But just know that being wise in the end doesn’t mean that I know everything about life. For I am far from this, but in the end if I can teach anyone out there is to just learn to watch the people around you and take something from anyone that wants to teach you as well. Being wise is good, but being the student in it is e even better, and with that I will let you think about what my last sentence was about and it’s meaning… Have a good day and take care of each other in the end….

2 thoughts on “Wisdom was the word of the day…

  1. Wisdom in your words indeed. I love that people are different…we can learn so much from difference. I’m so happy you’re taking the time to see beauty and the more intricate aspects of humanity. Cheering you on 🙂 And the coyote too 🙂


    1. Thank you so much and that little coyote is my life and she really makes me think outside the box for sure, and like I said before I have no ideas where she comes up with this stuff… Many hugs to you today as well…

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