In the middle of the night…

I woke up super early today like at 3AM and I was wondering why my eyes decided to wake me up so early in the morning. I just slowly moved around the house wondering what I was looking for. And nothing came to mind for me at all. Everyone in the house was sleeping even the dogs were snoring and dreaming about what ever dogs dream about. But I have been up since 3AM for some strange reasons. I mean I went the bed after one in the morning and to just get a few hours of sleep isn’t the best of things at this time. But I know that there was a purpose for me waking up. So, I got into the shower and woke myself up more, and then put some clean cloths on and started to walk to my office, which is like only maybe 75 feet from the house and started a nice little fire in the fireplace and started to go over some work that needed to be done anyways. I have paperwork that never ends, and I have so many other things as the parts and the trucks go that I will never run out of work let me tell you. That is the fun part of being an owner. I can choose what is going to get finished today or not. But then again there are deadlines for everything and that is good and sometimes that can be really bad.

But I am sitting here today just trying to get caught up on a few things before the world start to wake up again. I was wondering how many people get up at this time, and I know some people have to get there days started, but this is as early as I would like to start mine to be completely honest with you. But, I hope that today will bring much joy in the sense of knowing something better than I did yesterday. I have the doctors calling me today to tell me what my next steps are going to be as well. I just hope that these steps will be positive change for me and my future. I need to get some good news and not so much bad new anymore about my health. No matter what happens I will continue to make the changes happen for me.

So, I will leave this short and get some more paperwork off my desk, and in a few hours or less the dogs will be getting up, and so will a little coyote as well that will need to be fed and then on to her day. Who knows what that little coyote will report to me this evening after a long day. I just know that I will listen to her problems and try to help her the best way I can here. With this said be good to yourself and the others around you…

15 thoughts on “In the middle of the night…

  1. I went to bed late last night and woke up after 5 hours as well. Too early for my day off but who knows maybe something in the universe happened that we were sensitive to. I’m going out in a bit to throw around my Easter eggs I colored last night.
    Anyways thinking about you and crossing my fingers for good news.
    When you get a chance get the book “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle. I would want you to consider reading it and I email you an inscription that if you decide that you do, I would want you to have.

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      1. I haven’t emailed it yet hahaha, you haven’t said if you will get the book 😉. I was going to mail it to you before when I asked about your address haha, but you can get it and I email you what I would have written in the front of the book 😉

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      2. Sorry must be the two hours of sleep that I was getting today. I am not thinking straight. But anyways the doctors called me back and let me know that my pancreas is not good, and that I might be going back to the hospital soon. I will keep you posted. What is happening is that the tear in my pancreas is causing a back up of issues into the liver and heart. And this is a serious issue, but they just can’t replace the pancreas there is no transplants for this organ. So, now it just became a major thing because with the pancreas the way it is now is what the answers are going to be as far as surviving this…

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  2. Not sure what is happening but can’t click on or read any of your emails anymore. I know you sent the last two but can’t read neither. Hopefully will fix itself tomorrow but just wanted you to know


  3. Hi, I have been reading your posts. I find I wake up at all times of the day and I start to write whenever or prayer. I go with the flow of God. I was looking to message you but have been unable to find tab to message you. I believe in the power prayer through God and also work as a healer. There are no promises in healing it is God’s will to be done. I would like to know your name, though I can work with your pseudonym. I will add you to my daily prayers. May you have many blessings.


      1. You will have tried many things. Lemon is good to rub into areas like this. Eating yellow or orange coloured food i.e. lemons, oranges, Turmeric is a purifier, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, red, yellow and orange capsicums, Tomato. Avoid greens. Take care Bryan.


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