Dragonflies in April??

Well the day has been a quite a big one for me and I am going to take the time to share what I can here for what it is worth to anyone that is reading this at this time. I am here to tell you that I noticed that a dragonfly landed on my door to my office today. And to me that was the earliest that I have ever seen a dragonfly before. It wasn’t really that big, but I knew it had a message for me today, and I was looking at the blue and green dragonfly and asked him if I was going to die? And then the dragonfly just took off into the sky and I lost him as soon he got out of my range. But dragonflies have a history about them like master told me many years ago. The dragonfly spirit is telling you when it death is around the corner. And I thought to myself there was only one and not like 100 or more. But the dragonfly is a messenger that is sent down from the powers above to tell you that your loved ones are doing well too in the afterlife. So the dragonfly has two purposes in his life. The dragonfly can tell you about death and it can also tell you that your loved ones are doing well. I never believe this about the dragonfly until master death.

I remember being at his funeral and the field by his stone was full of flying dragonflies. And I knew at that time that master was right. That his soul was with them dragonflies that afternoon. Today maybe looking at the door maybe I was looking at Master and he might of been giving me a message about not to give up even if the news is bad at times. And I been torn about what really to do with this all. I know that my little coyote needs me in this life, but at the same time I am really tired too. What good am I when I am like this, and I know that I hide it in front of my coyote spirit. But she is no dummy at all when it comes to my feelings. I am so tired at times like we all get. But I need to tell myself that this part of my journey will change soon. It has too no matter what the outcome is.

But seeing that dragonfly taught me one thing, and that one thing is to fight as I can. Not to give up, but to keep having hope in everything that I do. I have to tell myself this. I mean I remember Master teaching in the dojo up to his last three days before his death. His body was full of cancer and he went out the way he came into this world. And that was that he was a fighter all his life, and that even in death he fought the fight and in the end he even beat death! Not to many people can say that, I know for I was there to see him take death on and not to be afraid of it. So, I have to remember to fight this fight with these doctors the best way I can. And I know that I am going to have my ups and downs. But who doesn’t in this life? We have to ask ourselves in the end what do you want? And what is the most important thing for you do as far as going that distance. Are you willing to go that distance and not let even death stop you? Well, I am going to fight that fight, and go work outside and make something happen today no matter what happens at the end of the day, it will be a good one no matter what get thrown at me. So, dragonfly that landed on the door, I know your not knocking for that it’s my time yet. You came knocking with that message from Master to fight this crap off, and be the best crane that I could ever be for myself and the others around me. For this Master thank you for coming down and landing on my door and telling me these things. I will get my head out of my feathers and go get cleaned up, and then get ready for the flight of my life. Thank you Master…

3 thoughts on “Dragonflies in April??

  1. Wow, this is such a powerful post. I didn’t really know that the message of a dragonfly could be death around the corner. I haven’t read into it much. Also it’s good to know that they can bring messages from the spirit world from those that passed. Now I’ll pay more attention to them. Your Master was such a strong person! Fighting and teaching until his last moments… and beyond, no doubt. I love your question: “Are you willing to go that distance and not let even death stop you?” Because I believe death won’t ever stop us, but lead us onward and through! How your Master didn’t fear death is heroic… I hope you got to speak with him some on that and his thoughts, and I hope I get to read about it if you did. I’m sure he is still with you and others guiding. He sounds like a wonderful soul.

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    1. He was an amazing man in my life, I grew up without a family life, and he took me in as making his life my family. And that is a rare thing to do, and I was blessed to have him in my life. And I miss him everyday, but I think that he does stop in and he chats with me. Like that dragonfly I knew that it was him telling me not to give up. Fight all the way until the end. This week when I get some time I will write more about who he really was deep inside that body of his. Believe me Master was hard on me for many years and all the way to this death, but I will never regret that because it made me who I am today. And it made me so spiritual in so many senses. As you can tell. But again, stay tuned to future posts and I will start to break who he was on the inside. But you take care and know that you have purpose again in your life. Take care and take care of the others around you…

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      1. You know, it sounds like to me, you can write a whole book on Master Wong. I bet it would be a fantastic book. Just an idea 🙂 Looking forward to those blogs.


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