May Day is here…

Off and running strong today, for I feel that life is going to give me a gift of some sores today. And what that is who knows, but I need to remain strong for my family and friends around me. Going to the doctors office again to have more testing done is not my cup of tea, but I will start to make this apart of me. For I was thinking last night about how I keep running away from this sickness and then the light came on for me this morning and I told myself why I am I running for? I mean I am not going to get better if I keep running in my mind, so I decided to make it apart of me today, and except that this is what it’s going to be in the end for me. So, that is what I did I took responsibility for my ways of thinking and made this happen. I mean when your sick you never want to tell yourself that your really sick with a possibility of dying. I mean I have to look at this head on for the first time and I am going to do just that. I feel that fighting this is my head wasn’t the way I should of been looking at it. But now that I have my head on straight for the first time in a long time, I feel unstoppable at this time. And that to me is a great feeling.

And be unstoppable is a great wonderful thing at this time. This crane wants to fly higher than ever before. I want to fly as high as the clouds and look down and realize that I am free and that I am going to get better in the sense of who I am. But this is a short message for me today, and also it is the start of the new month. And to me the month of May can bring many great things to those who at willing to make that difference. Remember that everyday is a gift, there are no guarantees for the sun to shine or have another day of living. I think that we are all used to thinking, yep another day has gone by and tomorrow I will do what ever I need to do. But then again there might not be that chance of doing anything tomorrow if you don’t appreciate what in front of you right now. And for me I am going to appreciate the things that are a known thing for me, and that is my family and my spiritual friends that I have left in this world.

So, go make this month some of the best memories you can make for yourself. Live for the moment and learn to live in the others that are around you. Take and do what makes you truly happy. That’s what life is about at this time. Nothing else should matter to you. So with this said this crane is going to make the best of what is ahead of me, and I am not going to worry about the things I have no control over, but I will instead worry about the ones I do have control of. And that is the people I put myself around.  So be good to yourself and the others around you…

16 thoughts on “May Day is here…

      1. Always good I will not settle for less. I learned my little coyote this evening that the stars in the sky are wishes that were made by people down here on Earth. I wonder what that could really mean??

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  1. Hey I know you are tired and probably don’t feel up to this but I still nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award and wanted to send some love your way. No pressure to participate, but it’s here for you if you decide. Hugs

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      1. Is it that bad to be not deserving? Silly Crane…
        You always speak from the heart and how could that ever be not worth everything? Believe my friend, believe. Its all I ever tell you and it is the key.


      2. I am and you know that. I was waiting for your email since you said you would write later. Have to take care of a few things and touch base in a bit if you do write. Hope all went ok for you.

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