Sun is shinning…

Today the sun is out and my daughter is dancing with the dogs outside at the moment. After she done dancing then off to feed the horses and then feed the cat as well. My daughter has so much passion for animals. And she was excited to see that the coyotes ate the food she left out for them last night as well. Today I got up at 330 in the morning and I haven’t look back since. I been getting caught up on some important paperwork, and that is my will in case something happens to me that my daughter will be okay in this world. And just writing in my daughters life journal this morning was even good for me. I am in that mood that nothing is going to get into my way from this point forward. Yes, I do not feel good more thank half the time but I look at it as who really cares, this now is about my daughter and to tell you the truth she is giving me a lot of drive today. And I haven’t felt this in quite some time to be honest with you.

So, today we are going into town and getting some fresh ice cream and we might even go swimming depending on the water. My daughter loves the water and the waves. So, I was thinking about the water and how it is a healer in the process of who we are as humans. I mean water is a cleaner to our souls. I think that water can heal us in so many ways. I know that I haven’t been feeling that good lately and I think it is important that I have some go times with my daughter.

Here is another note I wanted to talk about is that I know that I am going to beat this pancreatic issue no matter what like I have said before. The bigger thing is that no matter what happens to me in the end that my daughter will know the truth about her parents and how much we really loved her in the end. And I know that my daughter is going to need me for the long haul. And I am ready for that journey with her. And I think when school finishes this week that we are going to take a road trip and make this summer a blast. I think that we are going to drive to the east coast and make some great memories. I need to get away from the doctors for a few weeks and just have that time with my daughter. I mean if the medical staff thinks that there might not be anymore options for me at this time, then screw it,  I am going to make things happen on my end of things of coarse.

But I am only going to worry what is ahead of me now, and that is going swimming with that little coyote and just having a great day ahead of me at this time. And I know that going to town and I am going to find someone with more struggles today and I am going to make time for that special person that I am going find. That is what life means to me at this very moment, it’s about helping people understanding there struggles, so that I can understand my own as well. But until then take care of yourself and others around you.

7 thoughts on “Sun is shinning…

    1. Well tiger don’t retire for to long I’m back at the ER tonight with some major pains in my liver and pancreas area. And they might be doing some surgery in a few hours here to see what is going on. I might have a rupture in my liver and pancreatic area where they both meet. I’ll keep you posted okay?


      1. Well I have major tests on Wednesday and I’m thinking that they will wait to see what these results are and then decide what they are going to do for sure here, the scans are showing a damaged area where the liver and pancreas connect. So they are terminated to figure out the best solution possible for me at this time. I’m sorry tiger so sorry…


      2. And I’m sure that they will figure out the best way. You can’t be the only case this has ever happened to.
        What are you sorry for, you have nothing to apologize for. Just take care of yourself so you can be there for your coyote, she needs you.


  1. You have your priorities right, spending time with your daughter. Sea is a great healer, I feel this too. I can tell by the kind of waves as to the type of healing I will experience. I was so happy to read the Coyotes ate the crackers and peanut butter. You have a delightful daughter very gifted. Keep flowing with Soul Love.


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