Archie, and the red ball…

Well another day on this blog, and that means another post of what the heck is going on in my life lately. Well today I went into the clinic to learn about the treatment options that are going to happen to me starting this weekend and next week. The first thing you learn in that your going to get sicker for before better, and you think to yourself for a minute that you come here to get better not sicker. But then again, that is what happens with medicine. And that is a very hard thing to understand when you never been through something like this. I mean who would of thought that again that you have to get sicker before better. But anyways, then your learn on top of it that maybe that your not going to get better for awhile after this as well. Everyone body does something different that the next persons. But sitting there I was listening and on the other hand I was watching the child playing in the hallway out side my room, and I was wondering what was running through this child head as it was playing with a red ball. I mean that child was born into this world as innocent as you possibly could be.

But as I was watching the child, I said a prayer that this child will never go through what I am going through at this time. I didn’t even know this child and I wish and prayed for a blessing for this young kid. But the point of all of that was to run from my issues at hand. I look at that child and I seen life running through it’s veins, and I look at my life and I might see the lights going off soon if this doesn’t work in the end. But no matter what you keep telling yourself that no matter what is how are you going to keep this light shinning in the question. But time will tell that is all I can say about this.

But after the visit I went home and just tried to relax for awhile. As I was relaxing my dog Archie the Newfoundland came and laid on my shoulder. And I think that was a message to tell me that it’s going to be really okay. And Archie is 6 months old and weighs now 80 plus pounds, and Archie is on his way of hitting 200 pounds plus. But I wanted to share this image of Archie to the world, because dogs do know you better than you think in the end. But I will leave this post short for I am needing some rest. But know that tomorrow is another day and be good to yourself and the others around you…

WEEK 14.jpg

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