Rain storm…

Well back to the doctors office in an hour to see where things are with my situation with my pancreas. I woke up to a rain storm this morning and as I was watching the rain come down I was thinking to myself how nice it really is to see a slow rain come down. The storms we usually get are really bad lately with a lot of wind and hail and damage winds. But to see a nice slow rain storm was really nice for a change. I know that your wondering why I am talking about a rain storm. But again to me it is about the simple things in my life that are getting me by at this time. I mean I really don’t want to go to the doctors office again today. I am so tired of being in them places, but again there is no choice, I have to want to live, and for that to happen I must say on this journey ahead of me. I know that the road isn’t easy, and I know that, but I have to keep moving in the end of things here.

Well, I just wanted to drop off this simple message today, and again hope to write more when I am feeling better at some point. The last note I have is that make sure you tell yourself never to give up on anything your doing in your life. Don’t take no from anyone, and the people that have told you no in your life never had the power to say, yes! Just remember that if there is anything I can teach you from reading my story. If there is a will there is always a way in the end. But until then take care of yourself and each other around you…

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