Been awhile…

Wow! This is what this looks like again…

I mean it has been over a month since I have been on this, and to tell you the truth I only had 7 views in that months of July and actually I am okay with it to be honest with you. I mean I write on here for myself more than anything else. But to tell you the truth about this it’s really weird being back on this blog in the sense of wondering what people are thinking in the sense of how I am doing. I will tell you that I am struggling to feeling better and my struggles are far from over as well. But I am not here to talk about my struggles, and I mean that I am here to tell you that life is still pretty damn good from my point of view lately. I mean being sick is a bad thing dealing with a pancreatic issues, and now I am dealing with a heart on top of my pancreatic issues as well. But to be truthful I am okay with this, and again no matter what happens in the end I will win.

But the last month being away from this blog has been quite a big thing for me. I know that I like to get my thoughts on a sheet a paper from time to time, but then again being not so good as in the pains I have been going through has been a bigger thing then writing at this time.

I wanted to share one last thought here with you today and that thought was that make sure when your battling thing in your life that you have a fall back plan for sure. And that fall back plan is having good friends near by. And of coarse your family is just as important as well. But the point I am making is that when you think your out and done your really not in the end of things here. I had help from a tiger and a panther this month pushing me to new limits about getting better. So with that thank you both and you know who you are because you are always checking in with me. But thank you for the words that sometimes are simple but at the same time they are as real as they are going to get when your not feeling that well. So again thank you both, and just know that having family and friends in the end is the most important thing to remember.

I will close this short post by saying hang in there everyone and remember again to take care of yourself and the others around at this time. And I will be back to write more really soon here. I won’t be a stranger to my feelings or this blog no more. Take care and many blessings…

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