Walk in the woods…

What can I say about today that I haven’t said about any other days here. Well for starters it was a really nice day. It was my sister 22nd birthday today, and no one better to having a birthday then her. My sister is an amazing woman, she graduated college in New York this past spring and she is working on her life in so many ways that I can’t even express to you. I look at my sister as my best friend in life. I never seen so much strength in a person then her. I know that she will have many more great birthday’s ahead. We had a nice dinner for her tonight and as she blew the candles out on her cake, I hope that her dreams come true in what ever that wish was for her new year. I know one thing is that she works really hard at what she does. And I know that she will go really far in this world, for she has a great spirit. So with this said, happy birthday to my panther spirit.

Other news today I went for a long walk in the woods for the first time in many months, and to tell you the truth I am trying my hardest to getting back on my feet as my health goes. I am tired of taking things easy, it was so nice to watch the butterflies and the dragonflies and even the bees at work today. Listening to the winds was great too, for the trees in the woods were talking a lot today. For I thank the trees for the air they give me to breath that is for sure.

When you take the time to do things for yourself you start to feel better in so many ways. I felt like that I had strength in so many ways, even though I was still puking a lot, that didn’t stop me like it normally would. For my weakness are becoming my strengths lately. I will not give up and if I die walking in the woods that means I did something right in the sense that I went out liking something that I was doing. That is so important to me, that is why I am taken everyday and making it special in some way. Even the simplest things make me happy. So, with that said, make sure that you take that time to enjoy the things that are ahead of you as well. There is nothing better than to relax and breath and understand that your giving a day to make something happen. I take the days I have left and make the best of ever second of them. That to me is no better way to live your life.

But in closing like I tell you that you need to take care of yourself and then to take care of the others around you. That is so damn important, you have to realize that your only as strong as you can be. Make sure that you remember that this is your life and no one else can take that away from you. Live them dreams, focus on what is important to you, make your day the best that you can for yourself no one else can do that even if they tried.

So, enjoy again your life and I will write more when the time comes. Until then take care and many blessings to you and your families out there…

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