Off and running once again in 2018…

Well, this is crazy! I mean this feels completely unreal like I am in a dream or something here. I mean when was the last time I dropped off a message on here was all the way back last July. But, I am back here to tell you that this year is going to be a lot different then last years writings for sure. I want to touch people in ways that they haven’t seen from me. There are health issues going on with me from last year yet, but we are not going to focus on the negatives that I get from my health instead I am going to be trying to speak from the heart about things that mean the most to me. I know that I have not to many people following me at this time, and that is really not what this is all about actually for me.

This blog is for me to voice my life to the people that want to take the time to understanding it. And I am here to make sure that I finish this dream with a very special blogger that has been pushing me from the start. My tiger spirit knows that she been there for me and I thank you my young tiger.

So, with this said, let make this year full of wonderful memories and lets see where this is really going to take me with that said be good to yourself and when that happens then be good to the others around you…

5 thoughts on “Off and running once again in 2018…

  1. Welcome back dear crane. You have been missed, but then you already know this. I’m proud of your journey, how you handle the challenges, the scary times and the adversity that has been thrown your way. Remember that it has made you who you are today and if there is something beautiful that comes with it, this is definitely it, although I wished things were much easier. No pain, no gain, I guess and I’m no stranger to it myself.
    Your spirit is beautiful and I’m honored to share this path with you. Here is to 2018 and all you have achieved already defying the odds. We got this. Xoxo 💙

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    1. I have to agree to what you said there for sure, this year is going to be a year of strength for sure, even when the odds might be against us we will over come them and we will move forward in this path for sure that we called life…

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