Sometimes just listen to the spirits around you…

Well I am back and I wanted to share something here when it comes to the spirits around you and there purpose. I know that there are going to be people that will not be able to get there heads around this topic but I will still speak on what my mind is saying this evening. I was in the martial arts and still study the art. I know that I had over 30 years of experience in dealing with the art, I studied it from a younger age and then took a brake from it and then really hit it hard when I turned 21 years of age. I wanted to share this that I had one of the greatest masters to ever work with. His knowledge was so wise that it didn’t hit me until many years later after and even after his death.

I know one thing is that his teaching a lot did not make a lot of sense to myself when I was training with him. But I remember one story that he shared with me after I got my black belt. And he shared with me that now you become the teacher you have to watch the spirit around you as the teacher, and that you can learn a lot from your students and do not think you know everything, take in everything from your students, listen to your spirit and then listen to the spirit in the students and then last the spirits of the room. Well, in our style we had five animals spirits that we learned about, and they were the panther, snake, crane, tiger and last the dragon. See, I never really understood the spirit of these animals until I started to train.

But now that you know that there are animal spirits I will tell you were I am going with this. I was in the post office today delivering a package or two. I run a military parts business and we do restoration work as well. Being an owner at something that you love to do, well there is nothing better. But getting back to the story, I was overhearing a couple talking about there faith and how they were lacking it. And the older gentlemen was talking to this older women, I believe they were married the way they were looking at each other. But the gentlemen was talking about how faith has gotten him this far into his journey and that if he did not have any he would of never lived as long as he thought he would of.

His wife I will say look at him and say we have a lot to be thankful for and how not to take anything for granted. And then shortly after that they dropped off there package and left. But in that short time I realized that there spirits are real, and that there spirits have there backs to there deaths. I know one thing I hear a lot from talking to people is that they don’t want to die alone. That death is something that no one comes back from the dead and shares with us. And this is where your faith comes in, or your spirit guide I will say. Spirit guides as in angels or and animal spirits or anything thing else that can be with you in the human realm. I believe that we all have these things around us. That we are not alone in this journey. But just watching them made me think that my life is good, and let me tell you I am battling some serious issues at hand here, and I will not go down easy here. For I am a fighter.

My body went through seven surgeries last year, and all of that is in the past, yes I have a lot more to do as the doctors go at this time. But this journey is not all about me and my sickness, this journey is about the spirits around me. And that couple had amazing energy, and to hear the simple thing like the word faith makes me smile. This world is lacking faith, but more then anything it is lacking the chance of knowing that no matter what happens your not alone in your battle. I know that there are a lot of battles that people go through in there life, and believe there are the ones that no one ever knows about. But I can tell you from trying to commit suicide almost 8 years ago, I knew one thing is that the spirit was there and it stopped me from going that distance.

I was glad that the spirit was there when I was at my lowest times of my life. And I will share that experience more with you down the road, but now I just wanted to focus on that word faith. It is more then a word, faith saves people if you truly want to believe in it, and for the record having a great spiritual relationship with the animals and the angels and even God makes things easier even in a time of darkness.

So, I wanted to end this by saying really sit and take some time to thinking about yourself and where you see yourself in the coming days. Not years, coming days. The reason I say days is because to some people out there they only might have days left in there life. And to me these are the people that we need to be with the most at the end of the day. That man was dying from cancer at the post office today, he was telling his wife that his life was no mistake and that he was glad that he found his true partner in life. Very simple message I seen today through the spirit. And I think that the spirit can teach us things if you want to be open to it. And with that said, adjust things in your life and take some time to making sure the things are good around you, make that phone call to someone that you haven’t talked to in some time, or go for a walk in the woods or sit down by the water and tell yourself that life is good and appreciate what is truly in front of you. And take care of yourself and the take care of the people around you, and until next time go do something that you enjoy even if it was for a minute…


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