Question about time…

I wanted to talk about something here that has been in my mind, and that is time. And why the time is moving so fast lately. I am wondering if anyone else is feeling that time is going by way to fast. I was wondering that we have 24 hours a day and yet I feel that I can not get enough done in that 24 hours. Is anyone feeling that way like I am. The reason I am bringing this up for to me time is a scary thing in the sense when your sick fighting off things that you never know how much is left in your tank at the end of your day. I mean I used to never think about things like I do now. I mean I never used to think that time was ever an issue for me. But when you get sick and your struggling, things seem to change a bit for you.

That is hard to describe to you exactly what I am saying and feeling here. And that is the hardest part for me lately is to telling you what I am really going through as a person. I sit and this computer and I start talking about time then another thing hits my mind in the sense of my struggles. But then again that is why I am here, sometime this is not about making sense for me it is just to get this out of my head and clear up my thoughts. And I have to tell myself that this is completely okay to what I am feeling when going through a lot of issues with my life lately.

But I am not here to sit and write about these issues, and I am here just to feel out what people in this world are going through in the sense of the time that you have. I mean sometimes I think that I am thinking about it too much, and then other times I feel that you have to appreciate what is truly in front of you. And for me that sometimes is a really hard thing for me to do. I mean it seems like I get caught up with the world’s problems at times in my life, and believe I want to help people with there problems or issues they are having, but then I have to go back to the basics like telling myself if you are no good for yourself that you will never be any good for the people around you.

The problem sometimes I think that it is easy to get caught up in other people stuff, and to me speaking here then you do not have to think of your problems as much. But that is where the time thing comes in as well, how much time do you want to sit in these problems or issues? I mean I feel like there is a lot of time wasted when your doing nothing to fixing them, and then on the other hand it is good to sitting in them so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

So what I am I getting at here does anyone follow where I am going with this? Well I would like to end this mess of a post by saying that time is something never to take for granted, take the time you have in your days and truly make the best of them, but also take the time and realize that you have only so many things to do in it, and find what is important and make the best of your days. And if you are struggling do not waste to much time in that struggle take what you can from it and use it as a learning tool and keep pushing forward.

So with that said, I better start seeing what I am writing here and start making that time mean more to me in the sense that I can only control what is in front of me, and to me that is where this journey starts today, and that is just take it slow and do what ever comes easy, do not make any big deals about anything and just see what happens with the time in front of me. And with that said take care of yourself and the others around you…

2 thoughts on “Question about time…

  1. HI, I feel like time is flying along, it always seems to be the end of the week as soon as the week has started. One thing I love to do and that is have timeless days. The day just lasts so long. Put all watches and clocks away and just enjoy the now. I often believe the reason why time is going so fast is majority of the people are projecting into the future too much they desire tomorrow or a month from now. NOW is all we have and we must enjoy it.

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