Physical Health is getting tired…

Well today and yesterday have been really hard for me in the sense of my physical health, things took a turn for the worse with me when I had to go to the ER and what they found out was not that good, that my lungs are full of fluid and I have bronchitis on top of all of it. I do not smoke or drink or do any types of drugs and when you find out your lungs are full of mucus from the bronchitis you start wonder where this came from. Well I do run a shop and I do work on military parts that are older then most people like 75 years to 80 old parts. And some of the parts have a lot of dust and even some of the boxes have some blacks spots in the corner where water might gotten into and to must people that means black mold. And that is not a good mold to be working around from what I hear. But there are a few of these boxes not like millions of them we are going through. But I am wondering if this is where the bronchitis came from. Well, I do know that I learned my lesson and I will be wearing a mask handling these old boxes from now  on. But, I been in a lot of pain these last few days because it is hard to breathe and it is hard to cough because I fell last week and crack a rib, so every time you cough your feeling that cracked rib from the week before.

The week before I was outside shoveling some snow around the farmhouse and the next thing I knew I was on that ground looking up. And I had some pain I never felt before, come to find out when I went into the doctor I crack three of my ribs on my right side of my body. I know that I am suppose to be taken it easy, but being a guy and any female that is reading this will know that men have that bone in there head thinking they can do everything even when your sick. Well, that bone got the best of me last week. And let me tell you I have not been the same since that. I never thought I would have cracked ribs now and bronchitis and fluid in my lungs and on top of that dealing with treatment for my pancreas and liver. I am on broken mess here let me tell you.

I have the will to keep moving forward, and I will continuing to keep moving forward I can’t stop for I am afraid if I do that I will die. And I don’t want to quite leave yet, I have a few more things I want to do in this life. But slowing down is a really hard thing for me lately, and I can’t put a finger on that. I mean I am sore and achy and I have a lot of health issues and yet I go out to my shop and start working on things that I should not be working on. I mean I am a lot slower then I was two weeks ago, but I just need to feel like that I am getting something done. And why is that I ask myself? I mean sitting by the TV is where I should be, and yet I put my pants on and my steel toes boots and act like nothing is wrong with me, when in fact there is plenty of things wrong.

Again, is it that bone in my head telling me to keep pushing? I mean I sleep like only 4 hours a night lately and I am getting up before the sun rises and yet I should be resting my head down and dreaming about good things. But that is me in a nut shell here. My body is hurting but the mind is strong as a ox when it comes to things yet. But anyways, time for some green tea and some soft music I need to just take a few minutes for myself and adjust myself again to the next things that will be coming my way soon. With that said thank you for reading my posts and make sure that you take care of yourself and the others around you…

12 thoughts on “Physical Health is getting tired…

  1. Hey, I know how your feeling about three or so weeks ago. I had to stop I had so much pain in my chest. I had to do something about it. I take natural medicine herbs and spices. One of the best immune system boosters you can take is Turmeric Lemonade it is great for everything especially Liver, Pancreas, Cancer. Turmeric, Honey, Date Syrup and Molasses are great natural boosters.

    Take it easy be kind to yourself, sometimes the exhaustion gets too much. You are not failing if you rest in fact you are doing yourself good and when the energies and enthusiasm are back you can work.

    If you haven’t check out my blog you may find some things useful for you.

    Take care. Blessings to you.

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      1. I still get tired but I allow myself to rest that is sleep to heal. I feel many changes going on within myself as you are very in tune with your body you would recognise the difference. The cough is annoying but it is less now. I have restarted the Turmeric Lemonade again. You can drink it warm too.

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      2. Well I’m going to try that tomorrow the lemonade for sure. And I do rest but never enough in the sense that life is always calling to me one way shape or form. But I am so glad we crossed paths and I like what you said about healing

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