Korean War Veteran I met in my journey today…

I went into town today I noticed a lot of things that I normally do, but what stood out the most to me today was that people just seem so sad and angry with what is going on in there life. I mean just people watching is just amazing to me in so many ways, but today I just noticed a lot of unhappy people. So, I thought that I would do something different that I would take the time to go into the mission field and see what I could stir up. I went to get some groceries with the family and I was in the one of the grocery stores with my sister and my father and there was an older man pushing his cart really slow and I went up to him and ask him about his war service because he had veterans hat on, and he was very kind to share some of the basics with me in the sense of his rank and what unit he was in. And then he noticed that I had on a bracelet for a solider that was lost when I served my country. And he asked me about this person and I told him he was a great friend. And he was telling me that things like this happen in war, one minute your friends are there and the next minute they are gone in a second. And I recalled what the man was saying for we all have our experiences in what happened to us all that have served.

I just told the man thank you for your service and he smiled and thanked me for mine service as well. To me a simple man that was pushing a cart in a grocery store, but to me he was more then simple he was a hero. He was in the Korean War as a gunner on a tank, and he was with a tank division and he was shot out of the tank and was the only man to make it out of the tank alive. All his friends were killed in seconds he recalled telling me this story. And yet, he is in a store and no one has any ideas to what kind of a man this was. I know that being in the military when a solider serves and a good solider serves his country the last thing is you do not talk about your experiences to others for they will not understand what you gone through. But to me today it really hit me to wondering how many people walk by a man like this and have no idea that he was part of the war effort that saved many millions of lives back home here.

This man doesn’t ask for any money or he is not looking for any book deals but he is pushing a cart in a store just being who he is suppose to be. And to me that is a hero to me. A man that can go on with his life and knowing what he did to sacrifice himself for the better cause of what we do today. Just an incredible story that I wanted to share today. I know there are a lot of people that don’t like going up to people, but I am one that likes going to people for the simple facts that we are all here for a reason, and again that is for God to understand the reasons. But I wanted to tell you today one thing, I think if we all could do this just jump out of our shells once in awhile and see what others are doing this world would be truly amazing thing.

So in closing this post I had a great day in shopping around with my sister and father. There is nothing wrong with spending time with the family and after talking Ron the Veteran that fought in the Korean War it just made even more sense to me that we are truly all in this together. And the sooner we see that we are the better everyone around us gets. At least I am going to think that way for the fact that we are all made to be around in each others life. But until then be good to each other and be good to yourself at the same time…

3 thoughts on “Korean War Veteran I met in my journey today…

  1. This story reminds me that you just never know what people are going through or have been through. Someone pushing a cart at the grocery store has their own story. Always be kind, because you just never know. Great share.

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    1. To me it is all about what you said and more, I mean I own and run a military restoration shop and on top of that we sale military parts that go back to World War II. And I know your into your history but these parts that are over 75 years old and even older some of them are. History is so important and what your doing and what I am doing when I am healthy is trying to preserve it the best way we can. So, thanks for your kind words and take care and many blessings….

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