Last day of January…

Hard to believe another month is over with already. 31 days and it felt like if it was only 7 days since the New year and it has been already 31 days. But one thing is for sure no matter how you look at the month of January you made it, this month I am sure brought a lot of good with it and a lot of bad with it for who ever is ready my post here. But in the end no matter what happened in it, you were alive to witness another month of your life go by. People ask me all the time what the big deal is here, I get your crazy all the time to the way your thinking. And that why is time so important to you that you have to tell people that you might not have another month ahead of you. I say these things for the simple fact is who tells you that your going to have another day? Who really tells you these things? And who tells you that your going to have another month on top of that, and to top things off who really says your going to live another year? I mean these are serious questions you have to ask yourself and tell yourself that your blessed for what you have in front of you. Yes, life is a gift and life is nothing that you ever should take for granted. I know from my side of things that I have had a really rough time with life lately in the sense of my health and what I want from it because of the health that I am truly dealing with at this time. I never once thought that my life was easy, or that there was no going to be any struggles in it for everyday is a struggle in some sense, and thinking that your going to be just fine in your day and nothing is going to happen, well I used to think that way.

We all have friends and family around us that are struggling. And then we have to tell ourselves what struggles we want to take on for the day, is it going to be a friends or yourself struggle, or a little bit of everything that is going to cause a bigger struggle. The bottom line of this all is to let you know a little bit more about me when I bring time up to you or saying another month is over I want you to see that this is more then about yourself in the end of it. I have a lot to be thankful for as well this past month, and to me that is an important measure to watch as well. We might sit in the darkness a lot of the times in our life, but then the rays of light come in and start to erase them dark spots.

So, in closing this is all…

January is behind us and 31 days are gone. But the next minute of your life think to yourself about where and what you want for yourself in the next day that is leading us to the next month. Stay focus on the things you can change, and stay away from the things that are truly going to be bringing you down. I am not here to tell you how to run your life, but I choose to end this month by saying thank you to all the people that have taken the time to reading my posts. I know that I might not be the best at writing, but to me this is more then being a scholar at writing, it is about helping people along this journey together so that we all can take something from each other in the end. And being part of this family the people that support me here, again thank you for your endless support. And I look for the month of February to even being closer to this great blogging family. So with that said take care of yourself before you can take care of the people around you…

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