Doing something nice for others…

Well what can I say about today then yesterday? Well today was a really different day in the sense of what I did as a person. I own my business and I donated some military carburetors to a local VFW post out west. And the reason I donated these carburetors is because the veterans that have served our country needed some projects to work on. And these veterans are disabled and have a lot of issues going on with there lives at this time. I am writing about this because first off what a great thing to be doing and I mean if you can do anything do two things and the first is to go talk to a veteran and I mean you don’t have to bring up the war, but you can talk about other things that make the difference in his or her life. And secondly donate what you can and it does not have to be from a money standpoint here. I mean what I did today I did not want to be in the newspaper or on the television and I was asked if I wanted to be and I said no. That is not why I do what I do this for. I take time out of my heart to make that difference because the world is not doing this enough for the people that really need it. I mean it does not have to be a veteran either here. But the point is that time is everything to someone that never had much and you can not put a price tag on someone life.

I mean being on the phone with this gentlemen was a true honor today in the sense of what he is doing as a person as well. I mean I know the world is full of issues and things that we might never understand in the end, but do know one thing that being who you are in this time and really understanding yourself really makes that difference when it comes time to helping people. I mean I know this because I was lost in my life for quite some time, and actually I am still struggling in a lot of ways. But then again who is not struggling lately in there life. I mean even the people that have millions of dollars still struggle and I know this for a fact. There is no body that is really safe from having to deal with major or minor issues in there life. But getting back to everything I felt a sense of pride in my heart and I felt a smile inside my soul that I have not felt for some time as well. Being good to people well I will tell you that it is the best gift and it is healing me in so many ways lately that I can’t even begin to tell you.

I know the road is hard in life, and I know that it will keep knocking you down if you let it, and for me it is not about how many times it is knocking me down it is about how many times I get hit and get back up. That is what I have learned with my disease lately dealing with a bad pancreas and liver. I will not be knocked out with one punch. I will get back up and it might be hard to get up but I am not going to give up. In closing I wanted to tell you that make sure you take care of yourself and the others around you. I will be back tomorrow writing more miracles as they come in. But until then then you take care and may your life be full of blessings…

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