Simple message for today…

Today I want to say to enjoy what is in front of you. I know that one thing for sure is live for today and for today only. Very simple message…

12 thoughts on “Simple message for today…

      1. I believe God knows His own people the ones who are committed to Him. It still does not seem to make life easier. I see miracles everyday and grateful for the small good things and people in life. Yes, I sometimes wonder if God forgets. There is too many good people suffering and having to wait for changes to happen in their lives. I see small steps for most people being taken to go forward. Blessings

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      2. Yes all the time I see signs in nature and being in the martial arts for over 30 plus years has taught me a lot about the animal spirits and the natural spirits like the trees and rivers and everything else with nature. But what is your view on this? I mean I could talk for hours on this topic…

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      3. I had a feeling you did. Nature is great for conveying messages when we are stuck on a thought or looking for answers. Clouds, birds, the sea and the nature of the waves. Often they are clarified by them and the answer just pops into the mind easily.

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      4. I used the five animals and the animal we studied was the tiger and the panther and the crane and then the snake and last was the dragon in my style. The important part of this is that the four animals together creates the dragon, and what that means is that you have to learn to co-exist with each other. With that nature is a huge part to what I am with the spiritual world, like I believe there is a reason for us talking as well. I believe that faith can moves mountains and I believe people like yourself and I that there are no boundaries to how we can help people in this world. Okay got carry away here sorry…

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      5. You are right we have to learn to co-exist. The more we do the more we flow and understand each other. I like your choice of animals. The snake is something I cannot relate to. The others definitely love their spirits very much.

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      6. The snake is the one that most people are like what the heck I mean what does a snake have to offer to the rest of the animals? Well that answer is very simple that snake as it is on the ground see more then the animal with legs and feet. The snake has a more advantage because it is so low to the ground. But the other animals respect the snake for they know that they need the snake for protection. When the animals are sleeping the snake is awake and keeping the others safe. And Master always taught me to fight in a lower stands because when someone is tall that is not good as well because the snake can strike really low at points that we can not ever be ready for. So, getting back to everything the snake has a lot to offer to us, and to me the snake is big part to things we can not see. I hope that kind of helps you out…

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