Amazing day in the sense of what we do as people!

I was reading a lot of post today from this site and I find it so amazing that what people right and share with the world. And to me that is why I do what I do here as well. I know that sometimes my post make no sense but then again do they have to make any sense at all. I mean some of the stories I read today were amazing I mean to see that people put there hearts into what they are writing is so amazing. I mean what a gift to the world that you can put your thoughts and feelings down here. I mean that takes a lot for some people to do. And the best part of this all that we are all free here to voice what needs to be voiced. But today I feel special in the sense of being part of this big family. I mean this blog to me is like being with family at all times. And then to read what people say about your posts makes me feel even better. I mean there are days when the world is not a nice place to me and then you come here and then see how loved you really are. And to me how can I put words to this. I mean this world is a big place and we all come from different parts of it and we all meet here at some point of the day to talk about our dreams or what is troubling us or that you wanted to just share an amazing photo of what you thought was important. I mean do you think for a second that I don’t see what people are posting on here. I mean I might not be good at getting back and I am working on that actually. But to see the beauty of what is truly out there is so cool.

I was reading a post today about a man and his wife traveling the world and they were sharing there thoughts and posting there pictures on there post and to me I felt if I was part of that journey. No, I was never there in some of these places but for some reason I just felt like I was there and free to see what the world had to offer. I mean so many photographs come on here in a days time. And some of these photos can touch your heart without even reading the post. But I will tell you that the world has a amazing way of getting us all together and to sharing our stories. In the end that is what we are we all are stories and I mean there is no better ways of showing the world that even if there are problems that we all are here to resolve them.

In closing this post, today was a very incredible day for me to get into people’s lives here at WordPress and to me thank you WordPress for letting this happen. What a great way of connecting to another person soul. And with that said take care of yourself this weekend and do not let the darkness stop you from enjoying what is in front of you. Live life to what it is suppose to be in your world and do not let others get in your way when it comes to living your life, and with that said, take care of yourself and then take care of the others around you. And with that said many blessings…

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