What a great day for living…

Well it was a big day for me today in so many ways, and I wanted to say that the talk I had with a few people just made my day that much brighter then before. It all started by going to a restaurant with a friend and we had a great time talking and drinking some water and warm tea. I can’t eat the food yet at the restaurant due to my conditions with my health. But with that said I seen an amazing old man with a story to tell today and for me I was quite taken away from his life and what he all did in it and he is still alive to tell the stories about it. The man name was Henry and he was 99 years old and he is going to celebrate the big 100th at some point this year. And I ask him what was the secret to living such a long life. And he smiled at me and pointed to his wife. He said that is the secret to find a woman and love her as it would be your last day on this Earth. And I just was taken back by that for a second thinking that he is here sharing another day with his wife and that they are alive to witness God’s plans for them. So I asked the next question how many years it been that you been together and again that warm smile came upon him and said it is going to be 77 years this year. And I said 77 years with the same woman and he told me yes and let me tell you that it has been the best 77 years of my life and why was that I asked him and he replied, that it was love that kept us alive this long.

So asking him what loved mean to him he told me that love means that you put everything in your heart to the other person that your with. Put that time in and make sure that you listen to the person your in love with and I just smiled back at him as he was telling about being in love. He told me that listening is what a woman likes, but when you put your heart into listening it even gets better. Then I asked if he had any children and he said that he had 2 children. Two daughters and that they both were killed in a car crash at the ages of 16 and 14. The oldest daughter was driving her sister home after school and a drunk driver killed the both of them. And I asked him how did you survive that experience loosing not one but both daughters. And he replied to me that I was made at God for awhile, then you realize that God did not cause the crash. The young man is the one that caused it. And when you realize that God gives you the tools for living down here the better your life becomes to you. But regardless it is still a rough road to face not for me but for my wife and the people around us.

I asked him if he served in the war, and he told me he was in the war and he was proud to serve his country and he would do it all over again if he had the chance. So, we continue to talk about life for like 2 hours and then we had to end it because I was starting not to feel good and my stomach was raising hell with me. And that is because of the medicine in my body keeping me alive. But we ended it with him asking me a few questions and the first one that he had was how old was I? And I told him that I was 42 years of age and then the next one was are you married? And I replied no I am not married anymore. And then he asked me if I had any children and I told him I had one daughter and she was 7 years old. And then he ended saying that love works and do not let the past stand in the way of what happened to you. For love will find it way to your heart again, and when tragic things happen we have to remember that there is a God and secondly go back to the first thing I said that there is God and that there is love.

Henry said I have lived a blessed life and that I can not be mad at God when it wants to take me, all I ask for God is that he takes us both. Being at 77 years together means a lot but dying together is all I can ask the good Lord. And I said that I hope that you can live for that moment that you both can finally rest together. I helped him up and helped him put his coat on and I looked into his eyes maybe for the last time as they went to pay the bill. And what a lesson in life today for me that love is the answer to everything we do in this life. I mean it is that plain and simple. So with this said I will leave you by saying make sure that your loved ones know that you love them and secondly just know that we are in this all together in the end. That death is upon us all and make sure to treat people the way you wanted to be treated. And I will close like I always do at the end of my posts that take care of yourself and take care of the others around you. And many blessings to you…

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