A rough day…

I wanted to take the time to write about what I learned today and what I learned from today is that no matter how things get in your life to keep pushing forward and do not look back for all you have is today and that is all you need to know. I learned today that I lost a few friends and I was sad about the news of these friends. I was thinking about that it was sad in the way that I never made the time for them, that life got so busy on my end of things that I never got that chance to see them before they departed this earth. I know that life can do things to us when we least expect that and life has a way of teaching us lessons that we need to prepare for. And what those lessons are who knows in the sense because we can not ever figure out the plans that are laid before us. I was thinking that with my health scare at the moment that I am praying for that miracle of getting better this year. I know this has been the longest road I have ever been on and everyday is a problem to me because I can not eat right or do normal things that most normal people can do. If I would do the normal things there is a great possibility of death due to the nature of what I am going through here. But I am not going to focus on my health I am going to focus on the things that matter the most to me in my life. And that is my family and few friends that I have left. And to me that is the most important thing I have to live for.

So, today was a lesson in the sense that I have to make more time for people in the sense of what am I going to do with myself that will allow that time to happen for me. I know one thing for sure is coming here and seeing my family here is really important part for me and it is nice to see comments from people that actually care. And let me tell you that truly makes the difference in what I feel and do for the day. I mean I love when I get a message on my phone or computer that someone left me a comment. I mean it always makes me smile because that is truly a good friend. I mean to take the time out of your day to write me is priceless. And to read what I have down here in my post and me showing my feelings on this blog is even a greater feeling of hope. I mean sometimes in the end hope is all we really have left. And it is hanging on to that hope that gets you through your days. And to me there is no better way of living your life to know that people around you care. I mean that is truly what is all about in the end here is to live a life that is full of wonder and that you can be part of a family that truly cares about you.

So, even when the day is rough and it was rough and you loose some close friends it is nice to know that you have friends that care on this blog as well. I mean nothing is a better feeling to know that I can come here and throw myself a post and have people actually that care. But in closing I wanted to share a little information about my health and give you an update to what been going on, and latest news is that I am still loosing weight and that my food intake is smaller then it was last month that everything I do eat either comes out through the top or the bottom of me that my body is not processing food it treats it as a foreign thing in my body. I mean when you eat you never think about what you have to eat, but in my body I have to think about everything I throw into it for it might be my last meal if I don’t take care of the right way.  But anyways my sugar levels are low at this time and my salt intake is just as screwed up as my sugar count. But then again when the pancreas is in bad shape your body has to adapt in a different way then it normally can. But more tests are coming this month and then the doctors are going to figure the last stages out for me as far as what they can do for me. I mean I am nervous about the details but then again it is all I have left is to put my trust into the Lord and these doctors that they can truly come up with a plan here. So that is the update and not much of an update, but I am a fighter and I will continue to live this whole thing out until I find out what the plans are truly are for me in the end here. Well take care and with that said thank you for all that read this and thank you for the support that you have given to me this far into this journey. And last be good to others and I hope your day is full of many blessings…

15 thoughts on “A rough day…

  1. Hi, I always stop by to read how you are going. I genuinely care about you and your life. You have a very strong Soul full of compassion and understanding. We all too often get tied up in what life throws at us and miss opportunities to catch up with others who are important to us.

    Praying for the best plan for you from your Doctors and that you develop your own plan to go in parallel to theirs. You have to take care with what you eat. You are definitely not on your own with this. So many of us now have problems with food as it is not good and difficult to digest. Too many chemicals in the food. Even if you go to a cafe or restaurant you cannot be sure what they have put in it. Gravy is a big problem for me unless it is made from the juices from the cooked meat I cannot eat it. The gravy mixes have MSG in them which means vomiting and migraines. Some foods like ice cream as soon as it touches my throat I begin to choke it is embarrassing as I urgently need water to drink etc. Not a little cough it turns into a hacking cough. I can fully appreciate your delima with food. I stick to what I know and all goes well.

    Praying for you. Wishing you many blessings and miracles.

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    1. Thank you for that reply and that meant the world to me that you take the time to check with me. And I can’t thank you enough for that time you take out of your day for me. Well, I hope your well and I think of you often as well and pray for your soul all the time. Just know I’m here for you too. With that all said take care and my name is Bryan letting you know as well thought you would want a name to who I am….

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      1. Egypt that awesome! Always wanted to get there at some point of my journey. Maybe one day we will meet face to face! But I pray you have a great day as well stay safe and know God is the way out of the darkness. Follow the light….

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  2. You have a strong soul and if you maximize the potentials of your mind, you will be able to overcome your health challenges!
    Your life is an inspiration of its own!
    Wish you well.


  3. I’m glad this is a few days old and it seems like there have only been rough days for me lately. But it’s ok and like you, you know I’m a fighter and warrior. I’m very happy that just like me, you have found a wonderful support system to help you through those patches. BeT wishes always dear crane and may the loneliness pass and bring someone special into your life. Hugs ❤️


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