Faith is the only tool you need.

Well off to another post and what I want to share with you with the little words I right in these posts are this, that you have to have the faith in everything you do! I mean there are a lot of people that are struggling lately with a lot of issues in there life. And a lot of that has to deal with the lack of faith. I know there are people that will read this and tell me that it is not all about faith but in the end no matter how you look at it or tell me you come to the same answer in the end and that is faith. Why am I bringing this up today in this post. Well I will tell you my story for what it is worth to you and I want to tell you that what happened today was an act of faith. And what happened to me is that I had a huge eye opener when it came to talking to a individual today about his life and he was sharing with me how bad it is and how nothing is working his way. So I asked him where his faith was to getting through all the stuff he had going on and he answered to me that faith does not work and that I am not going to church for the faith speech that is why he left it he did not want to hear the truth about to who he really is. I am not a bible beater of a church going man myself lately but I realized that all his problems were because he was lacking the faith and spirit to getting him through his storm. And the longer he was talking I made a conclusion that his life is actually better then he gives himself credit for and to me that made me think about myself as well. This man has enough money he has a great family with a beautiful wife and children and he has a great job and has all new cars and other things. I mean this man has lived the American dream here and yet even when he has it all together he really doesn’t because his faith is so weak that he is not going to finish his life if he can’t get the pieces that will make his faith strong again.

I know that I can not push him into anything that he does not want to do. And I know that his life is full of blessings and how am I going to change this with the power that I have inside myself and I really don’t have a clue to that but then it hit me and I know one thing I was sharing with him was my health scare and he did not know about this scare that I was dealing with and to him it really opened his eyes to himself that he is not going to live forever and that he should take the time to figuring out what is important to him and we talked for over three hours and we made a lot of good waves in the end of our time together and he realized that faith is the answer to everything but you have to really commit to faith and not use it when you want to and not. There are a lot of people like this in this world and I mean when things are bad you want to run to your faith and then when things are better or even better then good you tend to throw your faith to the side of the road, and to me that is the hardest part of having a strong faith. I learned that you can not turn it on and off like a light switch. Faith does not work like that at all. Faith wraps itself around you like a warm blanket and shields you from the things that are bad in your life and you need to remember that faith is like a blanket and it really works if you let the faith enter your heart.

So in closing you need to know that faith is all around you and that if you believe in it that nothing will ever stop you in your life. So I have to realize that when things are hard and believe there is nothing easy about life that I have that tool in my pocket and that is my faith in myself and that things will straighten out. But with that said you take care of yourself and then take care of the people that need it the most and until next time many blessings to you…

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