Confused and just lonely…

Well I am going to write about a issue that I been dealing with for quite some time and that is the issue of being so lonely in my heart. And to me I want to bring this up because lately things have been really lonely in my life. And nothing makes sense when your alone with your thoughts because you start to think of things that are not true in your mind. Like for example I know that I am going to be okay and yet in my mind it does not feel that way at all. I mean I can be in a room full of family and friends and it still feels like this to me that I am the only one in the room even though it is full I feel trapped inside and I don’t know why that makes me feel so alone and sad. I know one thing is that I am sure that this is just what happens once in awhile when things just don’t as you thought that they would. I know one thing is that I will pull from this darkness and I know I will, but once I do pull away from that darkness I do not want to come back to this point ever again. And I am going to work on that. I am. Just need to figure out what triggers the things in my own mind, and that is the hardest part of this whole journey is that I need to figure out what my emotions are doing for me in the sense of thinking right lately. I know that even when I look at my blog and my posts that a lot of things I write make no sense to me as well. But I am trying to do what is right by letting my feelings out of my heart to the posts that I am writing.

So where do I go from here? I mean I need to find the peace in heart and I need to do this soon and I don’t want to be forcing myself off this blog because of this issue. But in the end I will carry on somehow and I will see what tomorrow brings as in what I will do about my confused soul. I want to be happy and I want things to be normal again the best way they can be for me. But I will sit and pray and tell myself that I will win over this troubled mind of thinking I have to keep feeling this way. But until then take care and maybe I will write another quick post later this evening. Be good to the people around and many blessings…

2 thoughts on “Confused and just lonely…

  1. Being alone as opposed to being lonely. Life has a habit of putting us into alone phases where we have to focus on ourselves to heal and change to move on. I found that being out and about alone was difficult until one day I sat and watched other people in couples or with children out dining. I was happy to be alone, I was happy I was not with a person who did not want to speak to me because our relationship had died, I was happy not to be the parents with the badly behaved children. It was good to be alone. I was free of the trauma.

    The soul does not get confused this is a part of you that knows the truth. The mind is chaotic it enjoys chaos and confusion and constantly reiterates the pain we do not wish to hear, the lies around situations. The mind is destructive and negative.

    Try to look at your time alone as positive it is for in depth reviews of yourself. I know it is not easy have I spent I think too much time alone then I had a lot to heal to free myself so I can move on. Take care dear friend. Life seems harsh at times but do not let it get you down. Blessings.

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    1. Well thanks for putting your feelings out there like you do for me! That means a lot and I will take in everything you wrote me here. And many blessings to you as well. And again thanks for checking in with me that means a lot!

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