Storms are coming…

Well we are in it for another bad storm today it is hard to say what is really going to happen with the weather in the sense of what it is going to do. I mean we are in for a ice storm that could bring and inch of ice to the area which would not be good due to the power lines getting to much ice on them and then we could loose power due to the weight on the lines from the ice. Then after that we could get anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of fresh snow which again means with the ice on the roadways that it will be impossible to drive around due to the road conditions. Then after the snow storm passes through then it goes to rain and thunderstorms so that means the snow will get really bad and the ice under neath the snow will just make things really bad this afternoon into the evening hours. This storm is all going to pack these things in a 6 to 8 hour period started within the hour and at least going through the midnight hours, and then the worst part then there is going to be a warm front and being warm is not the problem it is the winds that are suppose to get to 40 to 50mph as well. So what a day in the weather department here where I am from in Wisconsin. But, the main thing is that I will be inside working hard at my desk and looking out the window as it is coming down this evening. But I feel like Mother Nature is a little confused today that she seems like she wants to have a bad day as well. I mean everyone is entitled to a bad day once in awhile here.

On to other news other then the weather and that is I wanted to tell you that I am out from being sad, I am trying my hardest to maintain a sense of being happy and moving forward in anyway I can. I know one thing is that life has been throwing us a lot this week at least on my side of things. But I told myself that I am going to pick up and dust myself off and keep pushing forward that better is coming. And I am going to hang on to my words and push for better things. I know that it is hard the way I am feeling lately and I mean there is a lot in my head to what I am feeling about things, but I have to tell myself that first that I am going to be okay and secondly that no matter what happens at the end of the day that I am going to make it. I have told myself this in the past and it has helped me in my time of needs here. But I will do everything I can to make things work out in the end. Mother nature can be mad and frustrated and that is telling me that even I am not alone in my thoughts that others in this world are suffering as well. And I have to keep that in mind that I am not the only one going through all this that I know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel here that I will focus my life to the lighter things. There is a choice that we all can make in a day and that choice is how we are going to make our attitudes a little bit better then from the day before and I truly believe it is in our attitude that we can make that difference in ourselves and the others around us. I know another thing is that where I am in this very moment of life that there is a reason for this, and it is not for me to question my reasons or my purpose for it. I have to fight to work my way out of it and make that difference in a different way so that I can survive in this world.

No one said it was ever going to be easy no one. And I have said this from time to time in my posts. Maybe I write that sentence down for a reason, to remind me that life is not easy and yet on the other hand to remind the people that care for me in this blog to realize that as well. I know in the end we are all in this together one way shape or form, the question is how to we come together in a time of need when it comes to helping that person getting out of their darkness? I mean we all have life to live and it is hard to stop what your doing to check on someone else when your life has the issues in it as well. But on the other hand we need to change that attitude and stop what we are doing and go help the person in need. And that doesn’t mean it will take money or other things to helping that person it means that we help them with the time we truly give to them in the end. There is no money on time, and the sooner that you understand that the better your life becomes in the sense that your doing what the powers above are telling you to do, and that is to care for another person in this world that needs to be cared for.

So in the end of this post, I wanted to say to hang in there and realize that your not alone like you think you are. And if your feeling down and out about life realize one thing that people in the end do care, it is just if you feel that you can reach out and go make that difference for that person and that if you want to take the time out of your life to doing such a thing. But just remember again we are all in this together and with that said be good to yourself today, and always be good to the people around you.

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